The Drummer Boy Episode 4

The Drummer Boy Episode 4


Joy opened her door and my eyes went straight to
her Tips
because she was putting on a sexy short gown and
from the look
of things, i guess there was no bra underneath the
b0s0m. She flashed me a smile and a light kiss and said come

While i
walked, i tried to control my standing J0yst!ck,
because its has
become so hard that i could actually use it to
discipline a stubborn student. Yes! i was actually going to use it
to discipline
stubborn joy. i was going to use it to flog the hell out
off joy’s
Bottom today.

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She went inside the kitchen and
brought out rice, plantain and chicken after we finished eating, she
cleared the
plate and turned on a movie which we both settled
down to
While watching the movie, i couldn’t concentrate, my mind was
on joy, i started fantasizing on how i was going to
bleep the hell
out of joy’s Kitty-Cat next thing i heard was her
giggling are you
not enjoying the movie? She asked

Me: am really enjoying the movie.

Joy: its a lie, i know you are not enjoying the film
because i have
been observing you since

Me: truly i am enjoying the film, then i drew closer to
her and placed my right hand over her shoulder. Serious
current ran
through my body as i felt joy’s tender skin.

Her skin
was so
smooth that i almost lost control. We both continued
with the movie. 20minutes into the movie actually looked
like 20days to
me, i was actually bored because all i wanted was
joy’s waist
and not this damn silly film.

Quickly one idea came into my head and i decided to try out the tactics.

Me: i wish i could hold you in my hands like the
spanish guitar: i
sang into joys ear, i noticed some calm movement
in her after
singing the song, i drew my lips closer to joy’s face and kissed
her she didn’t resist my kiss, then i continued
kissing her we
both started kissing and somehow i lost control as i
was about to
dip my hands in her gown joy immediately said stop. Please i
don’t want us to start what we can’t finish. Beside, i
am on my
period. Omo see gobe and bros don charge up what
am i going to
do now? period ke! i said in my mind, after i had been fired
up eh! Its
better to start and then not finish, than not starting
at all.

electricity current that was currently in my body
would be able to supply nigeria, niger and ghana light for 3years
with even the help of kanji dam. What was
happening to me was
more than spiritual konji as my soldier kept on
giving me a standing ovation. What was i going to do? i said
within my mind,
though i have been in this similar situation before,
and i
definitely knew it was a tactics she was using to
deprive me of eating from her honey pot. i must not give up on this
prize i
contemplated within me.

If na to bang her walls with
the flow so
be it. i must not go home with the enormous current
flowing in my body, otherwise people will display the obituary
of a young
man who died of KONJI.

While thinking, the devilish
mind in me
encourage me not to give up but press further that
she needs the bleep more than i need it. The angel mind kept
preaching of
God’s love me and he hates sins. Wetin concern me
concern sin
for this matter, i dey talk say i don fire up, you dey
tell me sin as i shouted on the angel mind within me.

Trust me my
peopl, i had
to go with the best adviser which was that of the
have sex. i
quickly changed my tactics too. *after all there are
many ways to kill a Kitty-Cat cat*
Immediately i stopped kissing and told her to let’s
watching the movie.

While watching the movie, i
pretended to be
engulfed in the film faking laugh at interval while looking out for
body movement and detail. *the devilish mind within
appeared again and started reasoning with me.

Mind: guy! Brace up bro, you no see this babe flesh

Me: *taking a look at her laps, i d!ck gain more
Attention, while i
swallowed my saliva* i then looked at her ebony
laps. Brother i
see the laps oo

Mind: so you wan tell me say, you go free the kitty cat eh?

Me: no oh, god forbid

Mind: yes that na my guy. Guy you too imagine am

Me: wetin

Mind: if to say this babe truly dey her period, shey
you no think say na jeans or long skirt she go wear?

Me: yes º°??° guy, you make sense.

Mind: reason am nau, the babe i sure now say she
don wet,
watch out she go do something now. *immediately,
joy placed her head on my shoulder while i crossed my hand
over her
shoulder* wetin i tell you? See as she even cross
her legs, this
one show say she don dye for body.

Me: you be correct guy. i then noticed sudden weakness on joys
body, she was no longer interested in the film, she
was faking

Mind: guy over to you º°??° me i don leave you
make you enjoy your gift o.

Then the thought went off.
i then used my two finger to send signals on joy’s
body as i
move my hands back and front, i noticed there was
a little
vibrating movement on her part.

Mehn, this is it. This is the time
to take the prey down, i said within myself. Slowly i
adjusted myself and placed my lips on joy’s lips.
Her eyes were
closed and this time her lips taste so sweet, a little bit salty but a
pleasant one. i took some second to savour the
taste of her lips
then i continue. We both locked our tongues in deep
kiss and i
could feel our hearts pounding faster.

Oh my! Joy was such a
good kisser and i held her mouth in my for like
7minutes while i
used my hands to run on her skin, and her hair. i
noticed that she
felt more s£nsat!on on her hair than her skin, and i guess that
was one of her weak spot. i kept on running my left
hands on her
hair while my right hand reached for her blouse.

time there
was no resistance, as i deep my hands underneath her blouse, i
then noticed she wasn’t putting on bra. *yeah i
guessed well.

felt she must have quickly rushed her bath when i
called her that
i was almost in her street. Who cares bra or no bra na kitty cat i
want jor* i brought out a piece of one of the most
nicest b0s0m i
have seen and the Tip on the b0s0m complimented
it and i
immediately envied the husband and the child that will sU-Ck on
that Tip.

* woh that one na their business, but for
now, the Tip is
all mine and mine alone and i am not ready and
willing to share
with anyone* i gather some saliva in my mouth and place my
mouth on her Tip, joy vibrated and let out a soft and
sexy m0an
of emiiii.

She then adjusted to sleep position, from
her adjusted i
could see her p@nty, a pink g string p@nt. This got me wild and i
became an uncontrollable young elephant on heat.

As i sU-Ck on
joy b0s0m she kept on m0an!ng and whispered in
my ear, emilo
did you come with condom?

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