The Drummer Boy Episode 3

The Drummer Boy Episode 3


the drummer boy 282x300 The Drummer Boy Episode 3


Me: am sorry to hear about that. i am also suffering
from the
same thing and i think am more scared than you.

Joy: so tell me about it
i went on to narrate my first heart break to her and i
could hear some silence from the other end of the phone.

Me: are you there?

Joy: yes am here

Me: so tell me about your heartbreak

Joy: i loved him so much, she said.
But he felt i
wasn’t good for him, he cheats and calls me name, he insults my
height like he
didn’t know i was short when he was chasing me.
On three
occasions, i have caught him with a different girl but
what will i do, i have to move one. Life goes on.

Me: am sorry about your heartbreak but please give
me the
chance to take away those tears from your heart,
allow me to
mend the heart and fill the vacuum there. i promise i won’t treat
you bad, but love you and hold you in my hands like
the spanish

Joy: giggling at the end. Are you sure, cos all guys
are the same. They promise you heaven and earth but after
they taste
your honey pot, they take to their heels.

Me: *feeling surprised i then asked a childish
question* have you
had sex before

Joy: did i tell you i was a virgin? She answered me.

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Me: sorry, its just one of my ways of asking silly
question lol

Joy: so you know its silly eh.

Me: i know. So can i be the special one in your life?

Joy: hmmmm, i will think about it.

Me: *feeling happy cos i know the reply* ok dear
take all your
time and think about it. i will be right here waiting for
you. We chatted for a while before we slept.

After three days joy told me that she likes me and that we could
start something special. We increased the rate of
our night call
and sometimes we are disconnected by mtn
because we would
have exhausted the time.

Joy was the first born of three children
in her family, the remain two are in the university
while her
parents works with the lagos state ministry.

So from
monday to
friday she was all alone at home. After sunday service we will
wait and gist and continue on 2go.

The attraction
between me
and joy grew day by day. We can’t sleep whenever we don’t make night call,
we sang
songs to each others excitement and we grew fond
of each other.
But in church, we maintained little formal friendship
although we talk after church service. We exchanged eye
contact and smiles
and whenever its was her turn to sing be it mid-
week, sunday or
any special program, i play for her with all joy and

After some week of friendship, and chatting on the phone,
i requested
for a way in which both of us could see. We fixed a
date and a
night before the day, we and joy started chatting at

Me: baby i can’t wait to come to your place

Joy: *giggling* i can’t wait to see you too

Me: am just imagining how sweet your lips will taste.
i teased

Joy: ah. Taste ke. Is it food?

Me: i bet you will be sweeter than food. Laughing

Joy: see this boy ooooo, so i am now edible shey?

Me: before nko. i can’t wait to eat you tomorrow

Joy: better don’t come if you will eat me. Or are you
Clifford Orji? laughing

Me: *laughing* you have a good sense of humour i
said to her.
Later we settled into more romantic mood and we
talked till mtn
wiped out my 200naira.
Well it was worth it.

The next day by 6.30am i was up already even
though i slept
around after 5. Well what could Kitty-Cat not do? i
took my bath
and looked for something while i await joy’s call. By
8.30 she called me that i should start coming. i dashed out
and headed
for joy’s street. On my way i noticed that i was not
having any
covering, so i had to purchase one then i went into a
shop to get me.

Me: madam give me one condom.

Woman: ok sir. Please sir, are you married she
asked me?

Me: *perplexed at her question* no i said feeling shy

Woman: sorry we only sell condom to married people.

Me: ok. Thank you then i walked out, i got to a street
near her
street and luckily for me i saw a chemist shop. i
walked into the
place and asked for ruff rider.

The silly man actually sold dr
jones cd for me at the rate of 250 naira. Well at all
at all na him
bad pass i said within myself. Then trek to her
street. When i got
to her street i called her that i was closed by. Finally i got to her
door step and knock and what i saw shook me.

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