[Story]The Drummer Boy

The Drummer Boy Episode 1


​My name is Emilo and i am an instrumentalist. Yes, i

play the

drum set and its pretty cool, you can call me the

drummer boy as

that is the tag used in referring to people that plays

the drum set. i stay with my uncle who is married with kid.

For a

while i

stopped drumming because i had to go to school

and after i

finished with my nysc, i just decided to pick up my

old passion also with the fact that i have not gotten a job so i


my skills to make ends meet. i have my own church

but they

don’t pay instrumentalist as they believe you are

offering your services to God and that only him will reward you


Since they normally starts their major activities by

12noon, i

looked for a church that i could play for and make

money from them and for a while none seems to be coming

forth. I was down

casted as i need money badly. While playing for my

local church,

my lead guitarist invited me to the birthday party of

a pastor in a church and i went there and played.

After the show

they were

pleased with me.

CM: brother we loved the way you play

Me: thank you sir.

Cm: well am the choir master (CM)

Me: its a pleasure meeting you sir.

Cm: so which church do you play for?

Me: none at the moment except for my local church.

Cm: that’s nice. So brother, we are looking for a

drummer and i

don’t know if you will like to play for us

Me: it would be a honour sir.

Cm: that’s nice. When you come on sunday, the


administration will include you in their payroll


Me: *i got so excited at the sound of money* thank

you sir.

Cm: please and come this sunday. Meanwhile take

this for your


Me: (collecting the money from him). Thank you sir.

i will be here

on sunday.

Cm: the service starts by 8am please be punctual.

Me:*opening my teeth like somebody that used omo

to brush lol*

no problem sir.

Cm: ok take care.

And he left. i immediately opened my and a saw two piece of

1000 naira notes, then i started smiling

uncontrollably. Then my

lead guitarist walked up to me.

LG: come how fa, them see you

Me: omo yes o. This church make sense ooooo

LG: shebi i tell you. So wetin them tell you nau?

Me: the man say make i come dey play for their

church ooo

LG: omo them dey pay wella for here. Them fit give

you reach

20k self. Me*feeling so happy* guy u sure

LG: yes ooo. Also plenty babes dey the church oo

Me:* at the mention of babes, i had some jerk on my

jean* me

self dey suspect, you self no see the settings? Omo

this church get money o

LG: yes my guy. Na here i dey make small change

o, also i just

dey take eyes dey shadow one babe for here.

Me: badt guy. Me na chineke boy. i no get time for

that jor. We gist for a while and we went home. Feeling so

happy with

myself, i couldn’t wait for Sunday to come. i couldn’t

wait to see

the full settings of the church, i could wait to see the

babes my lead guitarist had told me off, i couldn’t wait to know

how much

the church will pay me. Hmmm well i have no option

but to wait

till Sunday and see what happens. On sunday i woke up very early as i could not curtail


excitement within me, i prepared and left for my new


church as early as 7.30 i was there, we did some

sound check and i was good to go. The church is a well

constructed church

with fine interior, its consist of several A/C’s, tiled

floor, beautiful

alter with a projector, executive chairs, nice

instruments and good sense of decoration. The choir section was

arranged in a

way that the singers and instruments face the

congregation, so

as a drummer, you have eyes fixed on you vice

versa. The service commenced and i mounted the drum set.

Feeling a little

bit shaky and shy, i played to every music that

came out of the

lead singer’s mouth.

While at the drum stand, i could see eyes fixed on me, men,

women, boys and girls i couldn’t look at the


because i was too shy. Also from the settings, its

shows that

many of the members of the church belongs to the middle class

or upper class, as almost all songs were projected

and their

dancing pattern was that of a zombie. Moving slowly

to the

rhythm of the song (not like a poor man’s church that dances

with all veins and sweat running out of his body lol)

the inside

was so cold cos of the presence of the A/C and at

that period i do

not need a prophet to tell me that, this people receives God’s

visitations every Sunday. I do not need a prophet to

tell me that

God has made this place his dwelling place not like

some local

churches that will use foul odour to chase out the presence of


After the service, i was placed on a pay roll of 20k

just to play for

2days a week (wednesday and sunday) omo money

sweet o. While standing outside, i could not help but fixed my

eyes on the

beautiful damsels that were coming out from the


auditorium. Chei. i said within me, while i got some


Me: omo this church badt ooooo

LG: shebi i tell you. Omo ukwu plenty for here

Me: guy you think say me i go fit cope for here so?

LG: guy play your games right. Me i just Bleep one

yesterday and

another one dey online self now.

Me: see this badt niqqa. So u mean say u don

samma one racket

for here, i asked

LG: yes my guy. You know as he dey go nau.

Well na so sha. Somehow, i knew that women have

soft spot for instrumentalist, as in my local church i have dated

three and still

counting. *as the story progresses, you will know

about them*




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