[story] The Drummer Boy Episode 5

[story] The Drummer Boy Episode 5


i nodded my head like an agama lizard to her
question. i guess
finally i have unlocked the gates and broken the
brass of iron in
which she used in locking her temple of worship.

how sweet its sounds to be give a first class ticket to the land
of jerusalem
where uncontrollable pleasures awaits one. i settle
down to sU-Ck
on her dark Tips while she m0aned and vibrated to
my sU-Ck. Oh emilo you are killing me she said.

Pleaseee, sU-Ck
me hard she
begged and i increased the velocity of my sU-Ck
while i still used
my left hands to rough her hair. She then opened her
legs wide and used her hands to rub at my back.

While she
m0aned to the
pleasures i was giving her. Somehow the chair
became too small
and uncomfortable for us, then we rolled ourselves
on the floor. Then she was uptop of me.

She took the cow girl
style and
immediately off her cloth. The sight of bossom that
befell me
was an awesome sight, that i didn’t even knew when
i scream woahhhhh, you are really blessed and favoured by
the creator.
She became a little bit shy and cover her face. i
smiled and
teased her. *shy shy baby* i said to her.

Leave me
jor she reply. i quickly took of my top adjusted her a little and
took off my
trouser else she changes her mind. Joy felt the
hardness of my
J0yst!ck and flash me a childish smile and said.

Joy: what. Is this

Me: this is the rod of moses, i will use to discipline
you today.

Joy: hmmm, no come….. Before she could continue
statement, i descended on her b0s0m and started sU-Cking like a baby that has been denied b0s0m milk for someday.
Oh baby, ah emilo, i could feel her wetness even
from her g
string cos little dropped on my brief, joy m0aned to
sweetness of my hearing as she used her Bottom to rotate my
d!ck allowing my d!ck to feel her femalecore while
still putting on
her p@nties. i sU-Cked for like. 6minutes while i used
joy to roll
her waist in a systematic rhythm on my d!ck. i then turned her to
lye on the rug with her back while i used my right
hand to locate
her Kitty-Cat.


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Her walls were so wet and from the
way she
vibrated, i guess she has been starved off sex. Oh baby you are
tempting me so much she m0aned to my hearing.

As i used my
hand to shift her p@nties one side while i ran my
middle finger on
the walls of her Kitty-Cat.

Gosh! She was so wet that she had
soaked her p@nties. *that girl has so much moist on
her walls* i
then dipped my middle finger into her Kitty-Cat and
she increase
her m0an!ng Oh emilo, ha baby, ohh gosh. YeahhhHh, i continued
to finger her
slowly then i release my head from her b0s0m and
brought it
down to her Kitty-Cat region.

As i was about to give
her head, she stopped me and said not now please.

when am clean
enough you will do that. i continued to finger her as
she m0an
uncontrollable oh emiloooooo. i told you before
ooohhh.. Now am bleeping high she said. Bleep me now she
demanded, please
Bleep me she begged like a little girl that her candy
has been
collected from her.

She then reached for her p@nts
and pulled its off and spread her legs as wide as she could. i took
a good look
at her Kitty-Cat, and i could see her long femalecore,
her Kitty-
Cat was well shaved and her laps were full of meat.
i then took out a condom from my wallet pulled off my brief and
wore the condom then i settled down to a more
position and inserted my long erected d!ck into joy’s

She let out a soft and pleasurable m0an. i push in as deep as i
could for her walls to digest and ingest what i have
got to offer,
and yeah her Kitty-Cat didn’t disappoint as its
swallowed my
dark anaconda. i thrust in and out slowly then gradually i
increased the pace of my thrusting as she m0an
and vibrated to
every bit of my thrusting.

Oh baby she said Bleep
me hard, then i
increased my speed after about 2minutes, i stopped thrusting, i
guess i must cum.

Joy: what happened she asked me? Have you cum

Me: yes i said closing my eyes

Joy: *with a look of disappointment she pushed me
out* i hope this is not your best?

Me: no ooo, i guess i was carried away.

Joy: i hope so.
We la!d down for some minutes and before we knew,
struck, the atmosphere became so hot and after about twenty
minutes we could see sweat dripping down on my
body. By then,
i have started gaining momentum down below and i
knew that
this time around joy was actually going to be me.

Then she stood
up and went straight to the bath room using her
gown to cover
her unclothedness. Immediately i got up and
followed her with
my erected d!ck. As we entered the bathroom, a lot of thoughts kept
through my head, i knew i could undo my wrongs, i
also knew i
could make joy get to cloud 9 but i guess anxiety
has gotten the better of me in the first round or maybe its was
because of her
sweet Kitty-Cat? Then she turned on the shower as
we took our
bath together, i teased her.

Me: so you don win me for first round abi,

Joy: comot jor, you this lazy boy

Me: *a mixed reaction filled my heart* me lazy boy,
am going to
make you beg me in this second round i said to her.

Joy: you have started making mouth again abi?
When its time for action now you will get tired.

Me: let’s watch and see.

Then i collected the sponge from her and helped her
to wash her
soft body, her body felt so soft on cold water that
my d!ck felt like cutting off due to the overflow of blood at that
region. i
concentrated on her b0s0m while i stood behind her
to allow my
d!ck press to her Bottom. i lower myself a little to
allow her Bottom feel the hardness of my d!ck. i kept on
squeezing and
washing her b0s0m while i kissed her at the side of
her ear.

let out a soft m0an and lowered her hands to feel
my d!ck. She grab my d!ck and held it, like she was self-servicing
with it.

Knowing that i am all fired up cos i can’t wait to get
my tongue in
her female hole, i told her let quickly take our, we
separated from each other and immediately rush our bath, i then
whispered into
her ear.

Me: baby i want to eat ur Kitty-Cat. * she giggled and
said ok,
also i want to sU-Ck ur d!ck too.* wash it very well, i teased her.
Wash your too. We both wash our organs and then
ourselves to allow the water wash away our soapy

the shower was busy doing justice to our body, i fumbled with
her Bottom and sq££ze then as hard as i could
while she used
her hands to wash away the soap on our body. i
knew we both
were fired up, i knew we can’t wait to tear each other apart cos
her legs started shaking and she increased the
speed of the

Immediately the soaps were off from our body, we
dash out and quickly cleaned our body and rushed at each other,
tearing each
other apart.

She then lead me to her bedroom and a
giant size
mouka foam awaits us. We kissed passionately like
our lives depended on it running our hands all over our Unclad
body. i
reached for her b0s0m still standing and sU-Cked on
then while
she placed her hands on my d!ck holding it as hard
as she can. i sU-Cked her b0s0m while i used my left hand to
fumble with her
Bottom sometime dipping my hands inside the line
area to feel
the freshness of her Bottom.

She m0an with
pleasure, then i parted her legs lifting one on the bed and allowing
her to stand
on one. i then lower my self on my knees and
sU-Cked on her cl!t.

A loud m0an came out from her mouth as her legs
vibrated to my sU-Cks. i knew i have gotten her were i want to cos i
want to
make her legs weak first before proceeding to make

As i sU-Cked and licked her cl!ts, joy m0aned and vibrated to the
rhythms of my sU-Ck then she used one hand to hold
the wall as
support and used one hands to press my head
further into her
female region. Oohhh baby! She m0aned. Oooohhh yes! This is
it! You are getting it! Where have you been since!
Oooohhh baby!

She kept on saying as i sU-Cked as hard as i could
for about
8minutes. Baby! My legs are shaking pls! She said. i can’t stand
it any more! i ignored her pleas as i could feel her
trembling and vibrating.

This time she had placed
her two hands
on my heads as she kept alternating between the wall and my
head. Her hands became so strong on my head and
she moved
her body back and front and also wine her cl!ts to
make me get a
good position. She m0aned as loud as she could. Her wetness
increased and the sweet scent of her Kitty-Cat drove
me wide.

My heated stallion mood was immediately activate
and i knew
this was one mission that only win is the option and i was
destined to win this mission.
i quickly supported my tongue by inserting my
middle finger,
*although the position was now becoming
uncomfortable for me due to height difference, omo i no send o* i
manipulated her and
licked her cl!t simultaneously. Ooohh baby you are
good! She
said pressing her both hands on my head, she stood
on her toe as her body was now getting strive and hard.

increased the
face of her Kitty-Cat, baby am cuming! She kept
saying. harder,
am cuming, don’t stop pls. i love you baby! Ooohhh!
Aaaaahhh! i will always hold u in my hand! Where have you been
Ooohhh! Hhhhmmmm! Am cummmmiiiiinnnn! And
then she
came. Then she flashed me a smile, lifted me up
and said! Baby you are wonderful then she kissed me.
Mission one accomplished.

Then she said now its
my turn and
she pushed me on the bed. i la!d down facing up
while my
erected J0yst!ck pointed at the heaven, she then squat on gently
placed her mouth on my d!ck. Oh i m0aned. She
removed her
mouth and asked me. Do you like it. Oh yes baby i

she continued sU-Cking me, i m0aned to her sU-Ck she sU-Cked on
my d!ck like a professional, as she sU-Cked she
removed my d!ck
and begged me to cum in her mouth. i said ok. But i
will have to
ram her kitty cat then when i want to cum, i will remove it and
cum in her mouth.

She laughed. Immediately i
located my phone
and played some collecting of blues on my phone. i
inserted my
cd and placed joy on her fours the view i saw from behind
hardened my already hardened d!ck again. Gently i
then inserted
my d!ck inside her. With the joy of little pain and
pleasure she let
out a romantic m0an.

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