[story] The Drummer Boy Episode 2

[story] The Drummer Boy Episode 2


After some months of playing in my adopted church,
i started
gaining little popularity and confidence also i
became familiar with
the rest of the choir members and i notice some
ladies have taken particular interest in me. Amongst them was a
lady called
joy, but me no fancy the joy because she was not
so beautiful or
maybe because there are other beautiful ladies that i
didn’t take notice of her beauty. Who knows. One sunday, after
worship, the
lead singer entered into praise songs, and we
started playing
rhythms to her songs while playing, i used my eyes
to scout round and i could notice that whenever i look
towards joy’s
directions, her eyes was on me and immediately
stopped looking
at her direction.

After 10 minutes of singing, i looked at the congregation and
suddenly two sexy and lazy eye ball struck me like
thunder, i saw
those eyes fixed on me as if lucifar had sent her
that particular
day to tempt me. Even if its amadioha that sent her, she should
take me along because her mission was over
successful. While
looking at those eyes, sometimes i skip beats that
my fellow
instrumentalist will call me to other. i could notice some smiles
on the lips on my LG, as he would have read my
mind to know
what was going on. Sharp sharp, i increase my
stunts on the
drum, i became so vibrant and energetic, i rolled on my tom toms
and danced while i play. 

Sometimes, i even try to
professional drummer by standing up at intervals.
Omo see wetin
woman dey cause ooooo. Everybody became perplexed at my 


energy even the Cm, after the service i started
planning out
strategies on how to get her, omo this mission has
to be
successful. When we came outside, i noticed joy standing

Joy: bro emilo nice energy today. You are good at
your drums
*she flattered me*

Me: giggling thanks, so when will you lead us in song nau? i
want to play for you

Joy: i will be leading next week sunday

Me: don’t worry, i will over play for you, while we
were still
talking my LG walked up to us. 

LG: hello joy, how was the service

Joy: fine oh. i have to go now my people are waiting
for me. As
she walked, i fixed her eyes on her Bottom, woah so
this lady try
for back woah. i said within me and i could notice my d!ck
agreeing to what my mind just said

LG: badtest of all guys. See as you dey play today,
omo yarn me,
wetin happen abi you don see one omo for the holy
ground lol 

Me: guy, na one badt babe i see oh, the girl fine

LG: here na holy ground lol, but babe yapa no dull

Me: you trust me, while talking the cm walked up to us, and we
changed the topic. The lord’s doing is shown in this
church sir.

Cm: thank you for joining us. Manage this and buy
some drinks,
he hand the LG and I a thousand bucks and walked away.

Me: thank you sir. Have a lovely week sir.
Me and joy we became close friends and from her, i
inquire about
some members of the church, which she will answer
me, i noticed those pair of eyes i saw some Sundays was
seen again and i inquired about her and i was
informed that she
had gone back to school. i asked after her name
from joy but i got a shock response from her.

So you have started admiring a sister in this church
abi? Joy said
to me with angry look.

Me: no oh, its just that she looks like somebody i

Joy: hmmm? Bro emilo, i know you will like woman
very much
you teased me.

Me: na man i for like before? i said smiling.

Joy: ok but take it easy sha.

Me: am a good boy. But you know say you no dey try? i
said to her

Joy: how nau?

Me: you don’t even want to give me your number, is
that fair?

Joy: but you didn’t asked nau? Forming butter 

Me: ok am asking now.

Joy: *trying to form* why do u even need my number

Me: *forming straight face* don’t worry about the
number again.

Joy: *laughing at me* see he is angry. So somebody can’t even
play with you again abi?

Me: the joke is expensive nau

Joy: its seems you will be one heck of an angry guy

Me: *laughing a little* nooo but i just don’t like some
replies. So will you give me the number now?

Joy: 08167879955

Me: let me flash you now, i flashed her and she then
saved my
number after that we chatted for a while and we
departed. Its was then i took notice of some physical appearance
of joy. i then
noticed that what she lost in height she gained in
Bottom, she
stands at 5ft3, ebony in complexion, nice sets of
white teeth, nice Bottom and b0s0m to complement her height, a little
bit chubby,
nice dress sense and most importantly she had a
lovely dimples
that reveal her smiles and makes them sexy. Well
initially i didn’t notice all these qualities maybe it was because they
were other
chicks finer and hotter than her, or maybe because i
was a new
member. Which ever it was, joy to me is just one of
the few cows that will be taken to abbattior to be slaughter by my
slaughter ‘mr d!ck’.
At night i called her and i noticed that her voice
sounds more
sweet on the phone that real life. *well why won’t she? When she
is in choir* we talked for some minutes and i
terminated the call.

Then i noticed that she was on 2go. That was when i
conversation really began. After some weeks i
noticed i was beginning to like her and also i notice that she was
beginning to
like me also. Because after service sometimes we
will sit and
chat for a while before she will depart. And
whenever she gets home, she will call to inform me that she has gotten

call rate increased with time, sometimes we talk
twice a day and
chat frequently on 2go that sometimes our
discussion will last till we have finished our credits late in the night. In
the middle of
our discussions i found out that she has just
graduated and she
awaits her service, also she was from a middle
class family and she attended one of the states university. With time
we graduated
into making night calls and along the line we sang,
laughed and
joked about almost everything except for
relationship issue. 


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Joy was a pretty good singer and she was vast in many
One night while making night call, i asked her to
sing for me and
she sang spanish guitar by toni braxton, i was so
moved, then i had the courage to ask her some questions.

Me: i love that song so much

Joy: me too

Me: do you really mean the words u sang in those

Joy: why did you ask? 

Me: nothing. Its just that i would like to practice what
you sang
in the song

Joy: hmmmm, with who nau?

Me: with the singer of course. Lol

Joy: with toni braxton *she said forming ignorance* lol

Me: which toni? i mean you

Joy: me? Ah i don’t think it will be possible o.

Me: why? Haven’t you dated a guy before? Or am i a

Joy: its not like that. Its just that i don’t want to rush into any
relationship for now again.

Me: what happened?

Joy: i just want to take my time. She said with a
faint voice. i just
don’t want to experience any heartbreak again. 


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